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Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Personal and Professional help with organising your home


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Hi, I'm Maria. I Specialise In Decluttering And Organising

A tidy house will change your life in different ways. It will give you a feeling of peace and calm. And a feeling of being proud of your home. Sometimes it can just feel too overwhelming to get started which often means that you don't start at all and then the situation escalates. I'm here to help you get started.


I've always had a passion for organising. It started at a very early age. I cleaned and organised my sister's room, then my friends' rooms and then after that - at every place I then worked at. I simply needed to have a functioning system of organisation in every space. My nickname became "Monica" from Friends (for those of you who don't know about her, she is obsessed with cleaning and organising).

I've also been working with fashion for 15 years and have been in charge of the visual merchandising at high profile stores, so I have a lot experience when it comes to a visually beautiful wardrobe, and I can extend this skill to my clients.

Starting this business is the best and most fulfilling thing I have done. I now get to work with my passion AND I help people to feel good about themselves and their home. It's a win win for me. 

You can book me for minimum 3 hours to sort out a specific part of your house or full days to help you with a more extensive re-organisation.  

I believe that a Tidy House equals a Tidy Mind. 

Especially in the time that we are currently living in, so many of us now work from home, and it is a proven fact that a clearer, tidier, and more organised space leads to higher productivity, a less stressful environment and a happier day. You deserve to feel the best in your home. 

I always want to come home to the feeling of peace. Where everything has it's place. 

And I want you to feel the same way.

So just call or email me and we can discuss how I can help you to find peace in your home. 


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